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Powder coating plant.

The Ugandan construction market is constantly evolving with Clients always on the lookout for higher quality and durability in the products they buy.Not only do they expect these products to perform flawlessly, they expect them to last for even longer than before as well.Here at Casements we have set up a Powder Coating plant so that we can offer the customer the best possible finish that will last for considerably.The process is completely different to paint and no liquids or solvents are involved. The powder is heated to form a continuous Plastic film on top of the Aluminium part.



We use Thermoset Plastic powders to ensure that we are giving our customer the best finish available. Thermoset powdercoating differs from Thermoplastic not only in the process but also in the characteristics of the coating itself. Thermoset powdercoating requires a gun to electrically charge the powder so that it sticks to the Aluminium.The Aluminium is then passed through the oven where the powder melts and fusion bonds to the surface. A characteristic unique to Thermoset powder is that it contains a heat sensitive catalyst which is activated at a higher temperature. Once this temperature is reached then it remains there for some time to allow the catalyst to cross link the molecular structure of the plastic coating.This enables the plastic to form a strong, hard, continuous film. This system allows us to offer the client the best aesthetics with the toughest durability.At Casements we hold stock of the most popular colours but we can order in any colour of your choice. We use Jotun powders in our plant because they are the best. This Norwegian company has been at the forefront of powder coating technology since 1968 and they have worked on several of the globes landmark buildings. you can be sure of the quality that Casements is renowned for.